10 things you must know for getting your stunning wedding photos-photography tips for brides.

10 things YOU MUST KNOW for getting your stunning wedding photos.

There are so many things to consider and remember in planning the wedding and on the wedding day. Below find some handy tips for the wedding photography that will help in taking those of your mind and in getting excellent photographs to remember your big day by.


wedding photography tips for brides-adelaide wedding photography

1.Remember to not to drink too much water the night before your wedding right before you go to bed. This will ensure your face is not swollen when you get up in the morning. Also, let your maid of honor carry your loose powder or lip stick during  the portrait session in case your face gets shiny or needs some touching up.

2.Assign a brides maid to tidy up the hotel /your room before the photographer arrives for the getting ready photos. Do not to put a lot of stuff on the bed otherwise it will look messy in the photos. Schedule the make up a bit earlier, so you will have one less thing to worry about even if it’ll be running late. Remove the bed cover if it’s not white otherwise it will conflict the scenery.

3.Try to take it slow when you walk down the aisle. Remember to smile a little during the ceremony, so you’ll not look too serious in the photos.

4.If you have a bridal party of 6 or more, allow at least 2 to 2.5 hours in between the ceremony and reception so you don’t have to rush to take the portrait. You’ll get fewer photographs of you and your newly wed husband if you also want some nice portraits with the the bridal party. If you are travelling to another location for the bridal portrait, increase the time between the ceremony and reception to account for travel. Remember to take into account the sunset time, if you want some romantic images during the golden hours before sun set.

5.Assign a family member to organize other family members for a family portrait especially when your parents/grandparents are remarried and they don’t get along very well.  It will pretty much waste time for your photographer to find the right family member since she/he will not be very familiar with them. If  you have a big family, make a check list. This will be a good option to save time.

6.Photography props can highlight and add a touch of fun elements to your bridal portraits.

Helium balloons, wooden initials,umbrellas, photo booth props, picnic basket, banners, anything you can think of … Also, if there are any items that are important in your relationship, let your photographer know and have her/him capture it. This will bring your story into your wedding photography.

7.Should I make a shot list for my photographer? A shot list will kill your photographer’s creativity. If you have some shots that’s really important to you, let your photographer know and she/he can try to capture those moments.

8.Other small details such as, don’t use the chewing gum before you walk down the aisle. There’s  a big chance that you’ll forget it and have your ceremony photos while you’re chewing something in your mouth.

9.Don’t expect to get much from the disposal cameras, you might get couple good shots once in a

while. Let your photographer do her/his job!

10.Have the items that you want your photographer to take photos ready in one place before your photographer arrives for the getting ready photos. This will save your photographer time for the other photos.

If you’re getting married, all you have to do is press the contact me bottom and I’ll get back to you with your photography plans!

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