C + M’s Wedding at Hotel Richmond-Adelaide wedding photographers.

One fine October day in Townsville 2011, a guy wanders into a gym, skate board in hand and finds a responsive twinkle to his cheeky grin from the girl behind the counter. Over the ensuing discussion of short term membership options and facility tour, the banter and chemistry flowed..

By the end of that week, they had cooked for each other, talked and laughed for hours and decided to just enjoy each other’s company for the short time he had left before moving to Adelaide at Xmas.

6 weeks later she greatly discomposes him by announcing her intention to relocate also,…nothing too serious, no expectations…just lets see where this goes?

Two and a half years and a 10km hike of the Belair National Park later, the question was popped and toasted with an orange.

From such spontaneous beginnings, over the years they’ve survived all that life could throw at them whilst continuing to laugh, love and grow together.

As Adelaide wedding photographer, I meet so many lovely couples and am always fascinated by their love stories. I met Cassia and Mikael not too long before their wedding to discuss about their big day. Their wedding day had the perfect weather for photographs. Adelaide city shone bright and vivid, creating a magical aura around the bride and groom as they took their vows. The wedding decor was “vintage” themed. The ceremony was held at botanic garden and was attended by their close family and friends. During the exchange of rings, the couple also exchanged flowers as a symbol of love.  The ceremony venue was a dream spot for a wedding photographer like me. Magnificent trees, lake, flowers; the nature gave me a perfect background for their wedding photo-shoot.

Cassia and Mikael made their special day an extremely fun day for their loved ones to remember. Different activities were organized for the guests at the reception Hotel Richmond. The cake cutting, throwing the bouquet, dancing and even a fun game for the groomsmen kept the party up and going till late.
Here’s wishing all the best to the lovely couple.




bröllopsfotograf stockholm

bröllopsfotograf stockholm

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