How to find your dream rustic wedding venue in Adelaide-Adelaide wedding Photographer

How to find your dream rustic wedding venue in Adelaide-Adelaide Wedding Photographer

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Currently I am seeing a growing trend with brides opting for a more rustic look and feel for their big day. This can come across as a great experience for all involved. Here are some key things to consider when planning your very own dream rustic wedding:


  • Decide a date
  • Research different venues online and most importantly visit them firsthand
  • Consider sunset location and times before you lock in any start times etc – you don’t want it to be too dark when taking bridal photos
  • If you are opting for a church service consider availability and distance from your reception venue and what your guests may need to do in between
  • Check that your reception venue will provide the types of settings you want to capture your wedding photos to minimise your costs
  • Ensure you have the venue list all inclusions so you don’t get caught out by any hidden costs
  • Are there bed and breakfast facilities available on site or nearby?
  • If your reception venue doesn’t have the settings you want for your photos consider other nearby options – make sure you factor travel time and photo time into the equation so you are not rushing to capture the moment and make your grand entrance to the reception


Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Coree Every from Event Scene who has plenty of experience under her belt supporting Adelaide bride and grooms plan their big day – including for rustic weddings too. There is lots to consider because everyone is different. Here are some key recommendations from the lady herself:


•    Before you start researching and planning your wedding make sure you have a solid understanding of the number of guests – you don’t want to fall in love with a venue only to realise that it will never accommodate the number of guests you need

•    Similarly make sure you and your partner have a good think about budget – this will prevent you from falling in love with options and venues that are totally out of budget. Don’t be surprised to find that rustic does not mean cheap…

•    Consider whether you want cocktail or sit down – cocktail style can be less expensive and you can fit more people into a smaller venue, however, you also loose some of the structure to the event that having a sit down reception can bring.

•    Google can be your friend and is a great starting point – there are also some really helpful websites out there that have lists of venues,  &

•    Next step is to go out and visit the locations that you like that will meet both your guest and budget needs

•    City based venues are often more modern, we are very lucky in South Australia to have our choice of wine regions at our door step offering more rustic options.

•    Be aware that some venues, especially wineries, will have quite high venue hire charges – don’t only think about the cost of food and beverage

•    Think about how far you and your guests are willing to travel – 30 minutes drive to McLaren Vale might be ok for you but an hour and a half to Victor Harbour might be too far. Or you may choose to take the venue that is further away and make it a destination wedding!

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  • Good luck planning your own rural wedding!

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