Getting to know Silvestris of Clarendon-Adelaide Garden wedding venues

Getting to know Silvestris of Clarendon-Adelaide Garden wedding venues

Only 15 minutes away from the CBD, Silvestris is an awarded Adelaide wedding venue with beautiful Tuscan European gardens. Silvestri’s can add a special edge to your day and the wedding photography options.

Here’s an excerpt of my interview with the lovely John, the owner of beautiful Garden Wedding Venue Silvestris of Clarendon in Adelaide.


  1. Tell us a bit about your wedding venue and what makes your business unique?  

Wedding photography-Silvestris of claredon

Silvestris is a very boutique wedding venue, it has a lot of Tuscan and European feeling about the location where it sits and the way it is designed. It is a beautiful as well as functional venue for brides that would like to have a garden wedding as well as the reception, pre-dinner drinks or the Party. It suits anyone and everyone for all age groups, we do have a large Asian as well an European market, we also have a lot of people come from overseas to get married with us because of the excellence in the way the venue runs, the way the Silvestris is so particular and so touched with what brides would like, and because overall, when you put all those assets together, we have developed something very special, something very unique. There is not really another venue that matches Silvestris, it stands by its own two feet. Basically it is a venue that offers so much or as little as you would like, you know if you just want to come over and have an afternoon tea wedding or a full reception wedding, both are possible, you can virtually opt to design your wedding to according to any dream that you might have.



2.What’s your venue capacity?

In the ball room we have up to 140 guest, that are sitting down, give or take. We have a restaurant which holds about 130 guests sitting down. We do go up in number if the bride decides to have a cocktail, and that goes right up to over 200 people for the ball room, around 60-60 for the restaurant, also included with the ballroom we have the terrace, which is alongside concertina doors, so we are able to open up all the doors and have an inside outside feeling, so specially on a beautiful summer night we can have citronella flames or hang little fairy lights around the terrace. A bride is able to do really what her imagination runs with, whatever she is thinking. The great asset is that the rooms are very neutral, especially in the ball room. The restaurant is obviously very antique, with Louis The Third or 13th antiques, chairs and cutlery and the whole of the restaurant, which gives a very warm feeling, whereas the ballroom is more contemporary and neutral.

3. Whats included when a bride and a groom book with you?

Well, what is included, especially with the venue itself, we allow the terrace to be included, all the table settings, all staff requirements, we virtually do everything, we can do things like photography, so if the bride would like a photographer we can book one on their behalf, we can also engage florists. We do have a florist in house, that they can opt to have services from. We also have a lot of table settings, centrepieces, candelabras, that sort of thing as well. They are not included, but they are options. As far as the inclusion with our packages, we offer a four to four ½ to five hours drink package and we also offer a 3 course menu with an option of two main courses, set entre, coffee salads, all the main meals come with vegetables, bread rolls. Every table has cutlery, glassware napkins. All our porcelain is white, plain and simple, all our chairs are white leather and the whole venue is kept immaculate. We pride ourselves making sure that everything is pristine and everything is immaculate.


4.What’s the favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of the job I would say when it’s all over, and the brides and the grooms are absolutely happy that we’ve done such a great job. We try and do every wedding different, and it’s according to a lot of what the brides and the groom with the way it looks, styles of the wedding etc. Because I take the bride and the groom through the first interview and I take them through till the end of the wedding, and they’re not seeing a lot more people than just myself. We also allow the brides and the grooms do the setting of the function room one day before the wedding.
We can set up the cake, they can do place cards and any additions they would like on the table on the Friday. We have an array of people coming through with a style that is particular them.
We try and look after our bride and groom always.


5.How do we contact you? Website:



Aimee L. says:

 Just beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Words cannot describe how amazing it looked, I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else!
We had both the ceremony and the reception at Silvestri’s and we are so glad that we did. John and his team took care of everything, we had nothing to worry about and all things ran smoothly.  It was the little touches that John did without even thinking that made our day perfect.  The food was amazing and the wine complimented it perfectly. The garden and the ballroom are beautifully kept and can not be faulted … it was just perfect!


If you’re getting married or engaged, please contact me for my availability! 😉
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